District 2 Donation--Car for Senior Volunteer Patrol

DATE: July 20, 1999 
TO: Board of Supervisors 
SUBJECT:District 2 Donation--Car for Senior Volunteer Patrol

Although this County has recently begun to enjoy a healthy financial outlook, it is important to continue the strong fiscal disciplines that have brought us to this point. In an effort to best utilize tax dollars, I am requesting that the Internal Service Fund (ISF) monies set aside for a new District 2 vehicle be contributed to the Senior Volunteer Program. These volunteers contribute hours of invaluable volunteer time in the unincorporated communities, making streets safer for our residents.

Direct the Chief Administrative Officer to transfer ISF monies set aside for a District 2 replacement vehicle to the Senior Volunteer Program to fund vehicle costs.

Fiscal Impact: 
There is no fiscal impact associated with this action.

San Diego County has recently begun to enjoy strong fiscal strength. It has been a long road and many obstacles had to be overcome to bring County government to this point. However, over the years much of the County's assets and infrastructure has become aged and/or obsolete. Recently, the Board implemented the Internal Service Fund (ISF) program to ensure financial responsibility among departments as well as to plan for future costs.

As part of the ISF program, funds have been designated for each Board office to replace their County vehicles. My office has been assigned a 1993 Ford Taurus that has less than 40,000 miles on it. After calculating the office's annual mileage, it has been determined that a replacement vehicle will not be needed for some time. Therefore, I am requesting that the funds be contributed to the Senior Volunteer Patrol Program for their use in purchasing a vehicle for volunteers.

The Senior Volunteer program, while providing a valuable resource to the citizens, often finds its ability to service the community limited due to the aged fleet of vehicles. I am pleased to have the opportunity to reallocate these funds to help the Senior Volunteers serve as the eyes and ears of the Sheriff's Department and make our communities safer.

Respectfully Submitted,

Supervisor, Second District