Community Planning and Design Review

DATE: November 17, 1999 
TO: Board of Supervisors 


Should the County of San Diego proceed with the development of a Trails Map for the community of Lakeside?

The Ramona and Alpine Planning Groups have expressed an interest in dealing with design review issues. If design review were a part of the locally elected planning group structure, it is possible that there would be greater assurance that community planning goals are met.

Direct the Chief Administrative Officer to:

1. Work with the Alpine and Ramona Planning Groups, the Alpine and Ramona Design Review Boards and other stakeholders in addressing the objectives outlined by the Alpine and Ramona Planning Groups;

2. Review Board of Supervisors Policy I-1; Administrative Code Section 396.10; and Zoning Ordinance Sections 5750, 5754, 5756, 5757 and 5758 to see how these regulations would apply to the aforementioned objectives; 3. Report back to the Board of Supervisors with recommended actions.

Fiscal Impact

Planning groups are elected by the voters to establish local planning goals and to make recommendations to the County concerning proposed development in their communities.

The Alpine and Ramona planning groups have expressed concern that the planning groups are not receiving information on projects that are subject to site plan review. These Planning Groups believe that it is important for the community land use advisory groups to have full knowledge of all aspects of proposed development in order to better coordinate planning and to keep a handle on growth and growth related issues. It has been suggested that in order to properly plan orderly growth the elected planning groups should be involved in the site plan review process.

Currently, site plan review is limited to the community's independent design review boards. There are two exceptions: design review is conducted by subcommittees of the Spring Valley and Sweetwater Planning Groups.

Because the incorporation of design review duties into the planning group structure might assure consistency within the community's planning goals and provide information to the planning group that could assist in planning for their community's growth, it is requested that the Chief Administrative Officer review the regulations that apply to planning groups and design review boards and to work with the Ramona and Alpine Planning Groups; Ramona and Alpine Design Review Boards and other stakeholders in an effort to meet the community's objectives.

Respectfully submitted,

Supervisor, Second District