Fighting Meth using the Web

DATE: December 14, 1999 
TO: Board of Supervisors 
SUBJECT: Fighting Meth using the World Wide Web 

San Diego County not long ago had the dubious distinction of being known as the methamphetamine capital of the world.

That is why, the Board adopted my proposal to establish a Meth Strike Force and as a result implemented the following tools and programs that have decreased Meth use in San Diego County; the Meth Hotline (877-662-6384), a Report Card, increased penalties for the Clean-Up of Meth Labs and Limited the Sale of Meth Precursor Chemicals.

Today's action is to add yet another tool to fight this epidemic.

Direct CAO to develop and maintain an anonymous Meth Lab reporting and reference web page to be added to the County's Internet site.

Fiscal Impact: 
This request will result in no additional costs or staff years.

San Diego County not long ago had the dubious distinction of being known as the Methamphetamine Capital of the United States. That's why, on March 16, 1996, the Board of Supervisors adopted my proposal to establish the Methamphetamine "Strike Force" to combat the use of Meth.

Later that year, I introduced the Meth "Hotline" to make it easier to report suspected labs. In 1997, I worked with the Department of Environmental Health to develop an ordinance that forces the criminals to pay for the clean-up of illegal labs. And in 1998, I created on ordinance to limit the sale of Methamphetamine Precursor Chemicals. Today's action will add another tool to the arsenal in the fight against the use and production of methamphetamine. The County already has a Meth web page located on the Health and Human Services, Alcohol and Drug Services site that defines the drug and telltale signs of its use, but that's not enough. Today's action will create a page where citizens can anonymously inform local authorities of possible manufacturing sites and dealers as well as locate help for friends and loved-ones that may need assistance in fighting meth abuse.

A Meth web page will provide a single point of contact for citizens to report problems and get help. By creating an anonymous reference and reporting site, the page will put power back in the hands of intimidated neighbors. And, this simple, low-cost tool will give citizens, that may be embarrassed of their addiction or are unsure of a friend's, a tool to get needed help. I call upon my colleagues to once again join me in the fight against Methamphetamine production and use in San Diego County. We know that no single law will stop the use of Meth, but continued efforts from all fronts will make a significant difference.

Today's action will add a simple tool for citizens to join the fight against Methamphetamine.

I urge your support.

Respectfully Submitted,

Supervisor, Second District