News Release


DATE: December 28, 1999

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Commuters on San Vicente Road in Ramona have probably noticed San Diego County crews working to improve the road in recent weeks. Trees and brush are trimmed, roadway edges are graded, old tree stumps and minor boulders were removed and other shoulder work and minor roadway repairs are complete.

"At the transportation summit in Ramona, hundreds of residents stressed the need for improvements on San Vicente Road," said Jacob. "Although the majority of the improvements are approved and funded by SANDAG, it is imperative that the County do whatever possible now to avoid the loss of any more precious lives," she added.

Experts in traffic, road design, road maintenance and field engineering from the County's Department of Public Works (DPW) reviewed the road in November and early December. Using this collaborative method with several types of experts in the field provides the County with a more comprehensive list of useful improvements that can be used to supplement normal maintenance practices.

"Road crews and traffic engineers routinely review nearly 2,000 miles of roads in the County's system," said DPW Director John Snyder. "They inspect pavement, monitor surface wear, check signs and look for means to improve roadway operations. We are currently refocusing on San Vicente as the result of community input received during the Transportation Summit held by Supervisor Dianne Jacob in November."

Other improvements will soon be added, including additional traffic curve warning signs, more shoulder work and tree removal. DPW is determining if it can include additional work as part of a current $2.1 million plan to improve other sections of the same road. Snyder said a decision on that project is expected in January.