News Release


DATE: January 11, 2000

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Lake Morena - Under protest from Chairwoman Dianne Jacob, last week the City of San Diego began drafting millions of gallons of water out of Lake Morena.

In a letter to Mayor Susan Golding, Jacob stated, "Lake Morena Regional Park is a unique recreational asset for the entire San Diego region. It provides camping, fishing, boating, windsurfing, canoeing, sailing and other recreational activities to residents and tourists 365 days of the year," said Jacob. "Many visitors reside in the City of San Diego," she added.

On January 5, the City began withdrawing 10 million gallons of water per day; from January 8-22, the City plans on withdrawing 20 million gallons of water per day; and after January 22, the City will withdraw 30 million gallons of water per day. This is equivalent to approximately $7.4 million dollars worth of water. "The City should use Lake Morena only as an emergency water supply, not for everyday use," said Jacob. "At this rate, the County's new launch ramp will be unusable for those wishing to fish by early this year. This is not acceptable," she added.

Although the park is operated by the San Diego County Parks Department, the City of San Diego retains ownership of the water.