News Release


DATE: January 17, 2000

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Lakeside, CA - Today at an emotional gathering with dozens of community residents, Second District Supervisor, Dianne Jacob called on SANDAG to immediately begin lifesaving road improvements on State Route 67.

Although the SR 67 widening was included in SANDAG's last Regional Transportation Plan, it has been excluded from an updated plan that proposes only to study this corridor that over the past two years has accounted for 101 traffic accidents and five deaths.

"We are here today to call on SANDAG to not only put this project back in the Regional Transportation Plan, but to fund it and build it as soon as possible," said Jacob. "This gathering today is about preventing accidents and saving lives. This is a matter of life or death!"

Community members voiced concerns that SR 67 is a critical north/south route for East County residents and needs to be widened to four lanes from Mapleview Street in Lakeside to Dye Road in Ramona.

"This is not adding more people to the highway, but allowing more people to get safely to their destinations," said Orrin Day, whose wife, Cheryl, lost her daughter and grandchildren in an accident on SR 67.

Jacob was also joined by Assemblywoman Charlene Zettel, Mayor Mickey Cafagna, from the City of Poway, Chair of the Ramona Community Planning Group, Brenda Foreman and Chair of the Lakeside Community Planning Group, Gordon Shackelford.

"Everyone in this community knows at least one person who was killed on this road," said Gordon Shackelford, Chair of the Ramona Community Planning Group. "Every time someone from Lakeside drives on this road, they wonder if it will be their last trip," he added.

Chairwoman Jacob and Assemblywoman Zettel have co-hosted regional transportation summits in the communities of Lakeside and Ramona. At these summits, concerned residents - some who lost loved ones on this stretch of road - repeatedly pleaded for this necessary improvement.

"Each year there are dozens of preventable traffic accidents on SR 67," said Jacob. "We know what to do. And we're here to tell SANDAG that we don't need any more of our tax dollars wasted on another study. It's time for action. It's time to build this road!"

There will be a follow-up Transportation Summit in Ramona this Friday, January 21 at 6:00 p.m.