News Release


DATE: February 14, 2000

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San Diego, CA - Under the leadership of Chairwoman Dianne Jacob, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors approved action to pressure the state and federal government to use all transportation-related funds collected from motorists in California for local transportation improvement projects.

"Too much of the money collected from drivers ends up being diverted to projects outside this region and to non-transportation accounts," said Jacob. "Approximately six cents out of every federal gas tax dollar from San Diego County stays in Washington D.C. While that may not sound like much, it could mean $168 million more for transportation projects in our State. This could be a great help to San Diego," she added.

Only about half of the $16 billion annual vehicle-related fees and taxes collected at the State level make their way to the State Highway Account.

"Today's action calls on our Federal and State legislators to support efforts to ensure that drivers are getting what they pay for. It's time for government to be more accountable to motorists," said Jacob. "We need to begin to enter into a compact with drivers which ensures them that all taxes and fees they pay will be spent on projects that directly benefit motorists and are not diverted to other non-transportation accounts." Jacob also called on the Governor and legislature to set aside at least $1 billion of the anticipated budget surplus for transportation improvement projects. This would mean at least an additional $84 million for San Diego County.