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DATE: April 7, 2000

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Jacob Celebrates Victory

San Diego - A recent announcement released from the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) supports Chairwoman Dianne Jacob's request to stop the proposed 935 area code split for the East County and to release the stockpile of unused telephone numbers in the region.

"This is a real victory for East County residents and businesses. This proposed split is completely unnecessary. With approximately 7.8 million numbers for each area code, there are 23.4 million numbers and about 2.7 million people living in this region - that's 8.7 numbers for every man, woman and child. We don't need another area code. This announcement brings us one step closer to stopping this unnecessary imposition on this region's consumers," said Jacob.

According to the draft report, the delay of 935 is temporary at this point and the release of telephone numbers will occur next year sometime. The CPUC is expected to take final action on the report on May 4, 2000.

"Although this fight is not finished - the CPUC draft report is a clear victory for residents and businesses in the East County. We need to stop the 935 permanently, not just delay it. And, we need to keep pushing the CPUC to immediately release the enormous stockpile of unused numbers, " said Supervisor Jacob.

Jacob promised to take action on the area code crisis at her State of the County address in January. In February, the Board of Supervisors unanimously approved Jacob's proposal urging the Board write a letter to the CPUC requesting the immediate release of unused telephone numbers and stopping the proposed 935 area code for the East County.