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DATE: May 4, 2000

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Local leader's call for action answered; CPUC announces 935 area code halted indefinitely

May 4, 2000 B The California Public Utilities Commission responded to Chairwoman Dianne Jacob's call for action to immediately stop any future area code splits in San Diego County. The CPUC decided to indefinitely halt the proposed 935 area code. The 935 area code, proposed to encompass most of east county and south bay, was scheduled for implementation in July.

"By halting the implementation of the proposed 935 area code, the CPUC has corrected an unnecessary imposition on this region's consumers," said Chairwoman Jacob. "The addition of area codes simply didn't make sense. There are approximately 7.8 million numbers for each area code. That means without the proposed 935 area code, there are 23.4 million numbers and about 2.7 million people living in this region - that's 8.7 numbers for every man, woman and child!" she added.

In addition to halting the implementation of the 935 area code, the CPUC is expected to study the amount of numbers that exist within the 619 area code, but are unused. The results of the study are expected June 1 of this year.

"The fact is there are millions of unused telephone numbers that could alleviate the need for new area codes," said Jacob. "According to the North County Times, there are as many as 145 million unused phone numbers within existing area codes in this state," she added.

In February, the Board of Supervisors unanimously approved Jacob's proposal to join with other local governments and the CPUC to work with our State and Federal legislators to do three things: Require the FCC to grant waivers to allow for technology specific area codes for devices such as cell phones and pagers; shorten the deadline requiring the availability of local number portability which would allow wireless users to transport their numbers to new providers without changing their phone numbers; and call for immediate release the unused phone numbers.