News Release


DATE: December 12, 2000

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SAN DIEGO - When Laurie Krueger and Stephanie Hackett sent a desperate e-mail to more than 50 addresses on web sites, including the in box of San Diego County Chairwoman Dianne Jacob, they had no idea how far their message would reach.

The two University City women have been caring for their friend Natalie Peavy, a 41 year old woman fast losing her battle with terminal breast cancer.

"Natalie's husband just lost his job and is struggling to care for his dying wife and couple's two young daughters," wrote Hackett in the e-mail. "Natalie needs 24-hour care and the family's medical bills top $200 a day," she wrote.

"When the I read the e-mail, I was so touched by the family's plight, I had to do something," Jacob said after she organized a benefit luncheon at the County Administration Complex.

"This quiet little luncheon has raised nearly $800 for Natalie's family," said Krueger. "Maybe it's just this time of year but I simply cannot believe this generous support started with our little e-mail," she said.

Jacob and her staff have helped to set up a trust fund for the family of Natalie Peavy at Washington Mutal Bank. Natalie Peavy is not expected to live past Christmas.