News Release


DATE: March 12, 2003

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SAN DIEGO - The San Diego County Board of Supervisors wants San Diegans to have access to the same type of information about registered sex offenders as residents of other states - including addresses, pictures and criminal records of dangerous predators who must notify law enforcement of their whereabouts under federal Megan's Law.

At the request of Board Chairman Greg Cox and Vice Chairwoman Dianne Jacob, the Board voted unanimously to seek and sponsor State legislation that would expand the amount of information currently available under Megan's Law and make that information available on the web.

"The Supreme Court has spoken and has ruled in favor of protecting our children over convicted sex offenders," said Vice Chairwoman Jacob referring to a March 5 decision by the U.S. Supreme Court which allowed the states of Connecticut and Alaska to post detailed information about registered sex offenders, including pictures, criminal history and vehicle information, on the Internet.

"This is a criminal population that is an automatic threat to the safety of our children," said Chairman Cox. "San Diego County is willing to stand up for children and we hope our State delegation will join us."

"Knowledge is power and a detailed sex offender registry will empower parents with the information they need to keep children safe, "Jacob added.

Last year, San Diego County launched the State's first regional sex offender pin map which shows the approximate locations of all registered sex offenders living in San Diego County. In addition, San Diego County is sponsoring state legislation that would make possession of child pornography a felony. Currently, it is a misdemeanor.