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DATE: January 7, 2004

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Chairwoman pledges stability, warns of cuts as State budget crisis threatens local government

SAN DIEGO - This year, as thousands of October fire victims are working to rebuild their lives and as the State of California grapples with a monumental budget crisis, San Diego County Supervisor Dianne Jacob will be at the helm of the Board of Supervisors.

Jacob accepted the gavel from outgoing-Chairman Greg Cox and pledged to steer the County through the State's multibillion dollar budget deficit and other challenges in the coming year.

"County residents should know that their County government is strong, fiscally sound and prepared to manage whatever the state passes on," Chairwoman Jacob said. "When it comes to budgets, San Diego County is in better financial shape than most. And, we have more experience than most to see that vital services, particularly public safety, are protected."

This is Supervisor Jacob's third turn as Chairwoman of the Board. She has represented the people of the County's Second Supervisorial District since 1993, and has earned a reputation as a practical, no-nonsense policy maker.

Chairwoman Jacob said she is looking forward to working with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to bring fundamental changes to the way the state does business.

"At last we have a Governor with a plan to tame outlandish State spending once and for all," Chairwoman Jacob said. "The State can learn from San Diego County's dedication to strict fiscal discipline and we're ready to help any way we can."

As chairwoman, Jacob will preside over the Board meetings and appoint individual Supervisors to regional legislative committees. She also serves as its spokesperson.

Jacob is expected to outline her legislative goals for the coming year at the 2004 State of the County Address. The address will take place on Wednesday, February 4, 2004 at West Hills High School in Santee. It begins at 6 p.m.