News Release


DATE: June 15, 2004

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The County Board of Supervisors has approved plans to replace the outdated Edgemoor Hospital in Santee with a state-of-the-art skilled nursing complex that will be less expensive to operate and more comfortable for patients and the medical professionals who care for them.

The new complex will be built on 30 acres of Edgemoor's current 326-acre, County-owned property located just north of the existing Magnolia Street barn. The new 192-bed facility is expected to be complete in early 2007 and will be specially adapted to accommodate quadriplegics and traumatic brain-injured patients.

"When it opens, it will be a working testament to the County's commitment to care for the most vulnerable of our neighbors," said Chairwoman Dianne Jacob who in 1998, began to pursue the development of a new facility.

The County determined that it would be more cost-effective to rebuild Edgemoor in a slightly different location than to update its old buildings, some of which date back to the 1920s. The proposed new design calls for many operational efficiencies including specially engineered room design, elevators that will reduce staff travel distance, and enhanced security measures. The current facility has smaller rooms and lengthy hallways that often present challenges for caregivers who are responsible for lifting, moving and bathing patients.

"It is a wonderful occasion when the County can improve the quality of life for the special individuals who call Edgemoor home, and save taxpayers money at the same time," Chairwoman Jacob said.

Edgemoor currently houses 175 patients, many of whom have complex, debilitating conditions requiring specially trained staff and services not found in other community settings. The average age of Edgemoor patients is 51.