News Release


DATE: June 17, 2004

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SAN DIEGO - Profiles of High-Risk Sex Offenders in the Sheriff's jurisdiction are now available on the Internet.

"This important website will help safeguard families from high-risk sex offenders who are likely to repeat their heinous crimes," said Chairwoman Dianne Jacob who in 2002 spearheaded the County's effort to make Megan's Law information available over the internet. "The County will continue to work to give the public greater access to Megan's Law information," Jacob said.

"This is a pro-active step we are taking to give you information to help safeguard yourself, and your families from sexual predators who may be living in your neighborhoods", said Sheriff Kolender.

The web link is available on the Sheriff's website

Internet users will be able to see the picture of each of the High-Risk Sex Offenders and to click on each name to get further information, including their criminal history and their address rounded off to the hundred block. There are currently six High-Risk Offenders registered in the Sheriff's jurisdiction.

"We want to make sure that people understand that it is a crime for citizens to use this information about sex offenders to harass them," added Sheriff Kolender. "We want citizens to be vigilant but not be vigilantes."

The individuals on the website have been classified as a HIGH RISK OFFENDERS, by the California Department of Justice, based on their criminal history. They have been convicted of multiple sex offenses that require registration with the local law enforcement agency within the city or county that they reside. None of these individuals is currently wanted by law enforcement.

According to Sheriff's Department policy, public notifications on these offenders is done when an agency determines it is necessary to ensure public safety of a community under its jurisdiction, and when the agency has reasonably reached this conclusion for each high-risk offender listed.

"Once again, Sheriff Kolender has taken the lead in making sure that the residents of San Diego County are protected," District Attorney Bonnie M. Dumanis, said. "We commend the Sheriff for making our community safer."

The Megan's Law computers at the Sheriff's stations will also contain this information, as well as information on the approximately 715 Serious Sex Offenders now living within the Sheriff's Jurisdiction.

This is part of a regional program to notify the public about High-Risk Sex Offenders as approved by the San Diego County Police Chiefs' and Sheriffs' Association and the information will be available for every jurisdiction soon via the ARJIS website (Automated Regional Justice Information System.)

The Sheriff says that Senator Dennis Hollingsworth, and Assemblymen Jay La Suer, George Plescia and Mark Wyland have all been key supporters of the department going on-line with sex offender information.

More information: Sgt. Kirby Beyer, Sex Offender Management Unit, 858-974-2414