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DATE: June 21, 2005

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Jacob says ruling is victory for families, children

SAN DIEGO - A recent federal court ruling, which upholds provisions of San Diego County's adult entertainment ordinance, is putting the breaks on two adult businesses in unincorporated communities, an adult video business in Spring Valley and an adult boutique northeast of the City of El Cajon.

The County ordinance and regulations, written at the request of Supervisor Dianne Jacob, are the strictest in the nation within requirements of the law. It allows adult businesses to operate only in industrial areas, at least 500 feet from residential zones and 600 feet from churches, playgrounds and parks. The ordinance prohibits total nudity, direct tipping and touching between customers and performers.

In addition, the ordinance says that businesses showing pornographic videos or films may do so only in booths without curtains or doors. The booths must be big enough for only one viewer.

Jacob heralded the ruling as a victory for communities and families in unincorporated areas.

"When strip clubs move in, crime goes up and property values go down," she said. "The clubs bring blight and unsavory characters to otherwise pleasant areas. Communities have a right to protect themselves from the secondary effects of clubs and I'm proud that our County's tough regulations will remain firmly in place," she said.

Jacob became aware of the need to review County rules governing adult businesses in June of 2002 when a strip club threatened to set up shop in a commercially zoned area outside the City of El Cajon. Parents complained that the proposed club would be detrimental to other businesses in the area. A nearby youth dance studio, a busy pizza parlor and video arcade attract many families with children.

Club owners opened an adult boutique and challenged the County ordinance, hoping to eventually add strippers to its operation. Because the area is zoned for commercial development, the boutique now must relocate or close it doors.

A peep show business in Spring Valley must also change its business practices. It must remove the doors on private viewing booths and can no longer operate between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.