News Release


DATE: February 28, 2012

CONTACT: Steve Schmidt, 619-531-4766 or 619-206-9108



The Children's Initiative, together with San Diego County Vice Chairman Greg Cox and Supervisor Dianne Jacob, released the San Diego County Report Card on Children and Families this afternoon. The Report Cardtracks 25 key indicators of children’s overall health and well-being and to help the public and policymakers better understand and address problem areas.  

Highlights of the 2011 Report Card include: 

  • San Diego County shows progress in reducing the percent of teen girls having children. Our County’s progress is better than California and the nation.
  •  Progress is being made in connecting eligible families to nutrition assistance. The County has doubled the number of eligible recipients receiving CalFresh benefits.
  • We are not making progress with children’s oral health. The percent of our children who have never seen a dentist is the same as in 2005.  San Diego County fared worse than the state for the first time since 2001.
  • One indicator moving in the wrong direction is child immunization. Mirroring state and national trends, the percent of children receiving the recommended vaccine schedule has fallen to the lowest level in 8 years.

“The majority of indicators are improving or maintaining despite recent economic troubles,” said Vice Chairman Cox. “It is a credit to the vision and effort of our County staff and community partners that San Diego continues to make progress on improving the health of our children and families,” Cox said.

“Our County is committed to spending its resources in ways that achieve measureable and favorable results,” said Supervisor Dianne Jacob. “We don’t just throw money at problem areas. The Report Card gauges our progress and includes recommendations that support our goals for a safer and healthier San Diego,” Jacob said. 

The 2011 Report Card is the latest in a series of report cards originally created by the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency.  The Children’s Initiative has produced the report since 2007. The 2011 edition includes new San Diego-specific recommendations for improvement and expands information on national best practices to improve outcomes for our children and families. Updates on recent achievements in San Diego County programs and policies have been added for every indicator. 

The 2011 Report Card has a new feature: topic boxes that address emerging issues for San Diego County and the nation. Examples of the highlighted topics include children exposed to domestic violence and the implementation of health reform in San Diego County.

“The Children's Initiative is excited to partner with local government, school districts and community organizations to work as a collective team in improving the lives of children and families in our county. TheReport Card focuses our efforts and highlights what needs to be done,” Sandra McBrayer, CEO of the Children's Initiative.

The Children's Initiative was established in 1992 by five regional foundations and more than 40 community and public leaders, to serve as an advocate and custodian for effective policies, programs and services that support the health and well-being of children, youth and families in San Diego County.  The Children's Initiative works to ensure that San Diego’s children and families reach their full potential by promoting services, programs and policies that respond to family and community needs in the fields of  health, education, safety, and economic security.

The Report Card was released at today’s Board of Supervisor meeting. Copies are available at