News Release


DATE: March 12, 2007

CONTACT: Steve Schmidt, 619-531-4766 or 619-206-9108 



The San Diego County Methamphetamine Strike Force recently revamped its website, making it easier for San Diego County residents to obtain information regarding methamphetamine, report meth-related crime, or seek assistance with meth-related problems. The website is WWW.NO2METH.ORG.

“From toxic labs to bizarre violence to the abused children of users, meth has devastated our region like no other drug. The highly addictive, powerful stimulant has depleted public coffers in exponential ways,” said County Supervisor Dianne Jacob. “The Strike Force believes in the power of the Internet to bring users back to health and cookers and dealers to justice,” Jacob said.

Launched in 2002, the Meth Strike Force’s website is a place where people can get the help they need to deal with their meth and other drug addiction. The site also offers information about meth, the dangers of this highly addictive drug, and the signs of meth cooking and dealing. The crime-fighting component of the site was added in 2002 in an effort to curb meth production and distribution in the county.

“We’ve completely redesigned the Meth Strike Force’s website to make it more appealing and more user-friendly,” said Susan Bower, Acting Deputy Director for Alcohol and Drug Services at the San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency. “Methamphetamine remains a destructive force in San Diego County. We strongly believe the revamped site will give people easier access to information regarding methamphetamine and obtain treatment referrals. It can also be an effective tool in the fight against meth-related criminal activity.”

Established by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors in 1996, under the leadership of Supervisor Jacob, the multi-disciplinary Meth Strike Force is composed of approximately 70 member organizations and agencies, including local, state, and federal representatives from public health, law enforcement, judiciary, education, treatment, prevention, and intervention agencies.