Supervisor Jacob Remarks - SDGE Protest Rally

March 16, 2016


Good afternoon. Thank you all for coming. We’re here today to deliver a message loud and clear: SDG&E, back off!

The solar business is booming. It’s now a $1 billion industry in San Diego County. It employs more than 8,000 people in our region. Rooftop solar is coming to neighborhoods all across sunny San Diego.

But SDG&E is out to kill it. It wants the state to gut ratepayer incentives that encourage rooftop solar. It’s asking the state Public Utilities Commission to revise its recent decision to keep net metering in place.

SDG&E wants state regulators to make what it calls “modifications.” I call it more of the same from a monopoly that has gouged consumers for decades.

It seems SDG&E is afraid of competition from the solar industry. Good!

The overpaid executives right here in this building continue to resist efforts to give ratepayers real energy options… to free up the energy market.

That’s why we’re here today. To support ratepayers. To ask the PUC to stand firm. To fight for real choice.

As it lobbies the state for “modifications,” SDG&E says it is doing this in the “best interest” of its customers.

Since when… does SDG&E… do things… in the best interest of customers?

This is a company that wants to stick ratepayers with the cost of decommissioning San Onofre.

This is a company that wants ratepayers to cover costs related to our massive wildfires in 2007 – wildfires that were caused by SDG&E’s own equipment!

This is a company that now wants to gut net metering. This would rob ratepayers of financial incentives that have helped grow our solar industry, grow our economy.

Shame on SDG&E. Shame on it for always putting its shareholders first. Shame on it for shaking down ratepayers and then claiming it’s looking after our interests.

So today we call on state regulators to stand by their decision on net metering. In the name of ratepayers, don’t cave into SDG&E and other utilities working to undermine our booming solar industry.

Don’t give an inch. Stand firm!

But if the PUC fails to do the right thing and buckles under pressure from SDG&E, state legislators need to step in.

The solution is simple: Sacramento should lift the cap that keeps a lid on net metering credits. Dump the cap and the sky’s the limit on our rooftop solar industry.

Thank you.