The Jacob Journal


Summer    The land of awes



Winter    County nature center takes root

Summer    Fired up and ready to go



Winter    Supervisor wraps up busy year

Fall    Elder care rating system debuts

Spring    Supervisor seeks road, park fixes


Winter   Jobs, jobs jobs  

Fall   Regional crime lab takes shape

Spring   Heavy brush may spell tough fire season

Jan/Feb   New year, new initiatives


Nov/Dec   New program links veterans to assistance

Sept/Oct   Latest SDG&E scheme draws fire

Summer Grand Jury cites 'great strides' in fire protection

Mar/Apr   Alpine library to include novel feature

Jan/Feb   Public safety projects in high gear


Nov/Dec   Paradise preserved

Sept/Oct   Fire-scarred region readies resources

Summer   Jacob leads anti-Alzheimer's drive

Apr/May   County launches elder care reforms

Jan/Feb   Alzheimer's, aging issues lead Jacob's 2014 agenda


Nov/Dec   Fire protection: A progress report

Sept/Oct   Brewery, farm foods proposal on tap

Summer   East County libraries turn a new page

Apr/May   Supervisor calls for 'energy independence'

Feb/Mar   Goodbye utility bills, hello sun


Dec/Jan   A year of rattlers, fire tax outrage, ballots and more

Oct/Nov   County officials: Fall wildfire risks remain high

Winter   Another Step Toward Better Fire Protection

Spring   Diving into Spring


Fall   County Now Using E-verify

Winter   County Debuts New Library in Ramona

Spring   Crackdown on Gang-related Pimping


Winter   A Place for Safety

Spring   Spring Showers Bring...Tough Decisions

Summer   The Fire Study to End All Fire Studies

Fall   A Deadly Obstacle?


January   Swinging into the New Year

March   County Using Innovation, Discipline to Weather Tough Budget Year

May   New County Operations Center Now Under Construction

July   County Opposes SDG&E's High Wind Shut-off Plan

Fall   No Need to Revisit SDG&E Shutoff Plan


January   Momentun Builds for Fire Reorganization

February   Looking Ahead, Plenty at Stake in 2008

March   Cleaner, Cheaper Options to Sunrise Powerlink

April   I Won't be Sued into Silence

May   Sunrise Poses Dangerous Fire Threat

June   Child Rescue Efforts Gain Ground

July/Aug   It All Starts With Rural Fire

September   Charging into Fall

Winter   County may Weed out Thirsty Landscaping


January   Reflecting on Jacob's Greatest Hits of 2006

February   Keeping Thieves Out, Your Information Secure

March   Stop Getting Overcharged at the Checkout

April   Addressing Trepidation Over Fire Consolidation

May   Fire Consolidation Leaps Forward

June   Responsible Landscaping Grows at County

July/Aug   Tales from Supervisor Jacob's Mailbag

September   Tackling Meth Madness from All Sides

October   Angel Fire Puts Rural Fire Protection to the Test

Nov/Dec   After the Firestorm - Recovery and Review


January   Jessica's Law Initiative is a Safety Necessity

February   Suspicions Surround Power Line Proposal

March   Truncation Law is Good for Business, Privacy

April   How Teamwork Transforms Communities

May   Trails are Paths to More than Pretty Scenery

June   Encouraging News for Alvarado Hospital's Future

July   A Peek Inside Supervisor Jacob's Mailbag

September   Horse Fire Showcases Improved Fire Response

October   Odds Stacked Against Jamul Casino Complex

Nov/Dec   High Tech Jewelry Keeps DUI Offenders In Line


January   Fire Safety, Youth Ball Fields Top Jacob's Term Ahead

February   Plan to Release Sexual Predator Has Flaws

March   Triple Border Fence is a Security Must

April   Standing Up to Thug Violence

May   Predatory Lawsuits Exploit ADA

June   Funding is Key to Better Fire Protection

July   County Strip Club Rules Earn Support in Court

August   Camp Lockett, Stowe Trail Deserve Place in History

September   Restoring Order Along the U.S. - Mexico Border

October   Steady Progress on the Fire Front

Nov/Dec   An Alternative to Unbridled Casino Growth


February   State Needs Budget Lesson from SD County

March   Back Country Sounds Alarm on Casino Complex

Apr/May   Building Better Places to Play this Spring

Jun/Jul   A Regional Approach to Fire Protection

August   Building a Better Edgemoor Hospital

September   Women and Meth: A Deadly Relationship

October   Winds of Change Making Us Safer from Fire

Nov/Dec   County Leaves Power Grid, Saves Bundle


February   State Needs Budget Lesson from SD County

March   Back Country Sounds Alarm on Casino Complex

April   East County Tackles Roots of Homelessness

May   Jacob Hits the Trails this Summer

June   East County Triumphant After Roller Coaster Year

July   Making Sure the Price is Right for San Diegans

August   ERs in Crisis: Relief for Crowded Emergency Rooms

September   Taming Fire Danger in Back Country

October   The Right Time to Stop Wrong-Way Drivers

November   Out of the Destruction, Hereoes are Everywhere

December   Health and Safety First in Burned Out Areas


January   New Funding Puts Edgemoor on Road to Recovery

February   Jacob, Marines to Reopen Historical Trail

March   State Can't Ignore Pleas for Fire Protection

April   Proposed Sex Offender Database Keeps Kids Safe

May   East County Welcomes Libraries of the Future

June   Jacob Honors 'Region of Action' in Annual Address

July   Camp Lockett's History is East County's Pride

August   How to Weather Our Record Dry Summer

September   Safety First When Preserving Open Space

October   Jacob Says 'Show's Over for Strip Club'

November   CanPlaying Ball Really Help Kids Learn?

December   Land Preservation Plan Gaining Ground


January   365 Days Around the County

February   Jacob Takes Helm for Historic Third Term

March   Jacob Taps Potential Power to Beat Summer Heat

April   Healthy Families Make Our Schools Safe

May   Beating the Rolling Blackout Blues

June   We Stand Stronger After Challenging Times

July   New Signs of Relief from the Power Burn

August   Jamul Casino is Bad Bet for Backcountry

October   Patriotism Shining Bright in East County

November   Emergency Medicine Takes Top Priority

December   A Season of Change for San Diego Red Cross


Jan/Feb   "Rita"... On The Right Track

May   Scripps Closure: A Matter of Life & Death

June Fifth Annual State of the East County Address

July   Emergency Care Begins at Home

August   Attacking Electric Shock!

October   Jacob Takes Battle Against Skyrocketing Electric Rates to the Federal Regulatory Commission

November   A Budget Designed for San Diego County Communities


Jan/Feb   Working for Seniors - Today, Tomorrow, and into the Millenium

March   Common Sense Restores Pristine Wilderness Area

May   A Way to Insure the Uninsured

June   East County on the Move

July   Leading San Diego County into the 21st Century

September  Marine Helicopters: Be a Part of the Solution, Not the Problem

November   Mapping Our Future

December   East County Transportation Projects Missing - Is this Smart Growth?